What is a Trackr?

A Trackr (short for OfferTrackr) is used to automatically track offers on your items for you. You will set up a unique Trackr for each item that you plan on selling. Each Trackr is assigned a unique phone number and item number that potential buyers will use to make offers on your items.

The Trackr contains the name of the item, price range, and instructions for the buyer. This information is used to communicate information with potential buyers, negotiate offers with them, and schedule pick up times.

Automatically tracking offers on all of your items is easy:

  1. Set up a new Trackr with the information about the item.

  2. List your item as normal on your favorite listing site (e.g. Craigslist or Nextdoor) making use to include instructions for buyers to text the item number to teh phone number assigned to the Trackr.

  3. Sit back, relax, and wait for an offer to be accepted and pick up time to be scheduled!

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