Getting Started

Creating your account

In order to use OfferTrackr, you must create an OfferTrackr account. You can create a new OfferTrackr account by signing up at

Instead of using an email address and password, you'll provide OfferTrackr with the phone number that you want to receive your notifications on. When you sign up and each time you log in, you'll provide your phone number and we'll text you a 6 digit code to verify that it's you. Enter the code and you're all set.

This way there is:

  • No login information to remember
  • No password to forget, need to reset, or worry about being stolen
  • No need to worry about your information being used for spam. We'll only ever use your phone number to update you on the status of your items. Text messages cost us money to send to you - so you can be assured we'll only send you texts that are important!

Remember the phone number you provided

You will need to enter the same phone number anytime you want to log into your account on a different device or after you log out.

Get Started for Free

Every new account comes with the ability to track offers on two items free of charge, no credit card required. This will give you a chance to try out the service without any commitment. Once you use your two free items, you will need to purchase additional Trackrs for any additional items that you want to track offers on. For more information on purchasing Trackrs, see Tracking additional items.

What is a Trackr?