Managing Items

Editing Trackr details

After a Trackr is initially set up, you can edit some of the details such as the price, meeting location, and additional instructions. This can be useful if the initial offer price was set to high or if you would like to provide additional instructions to potential buyers.

Editing the price, location, or instructions

To edit a Trackr, find the Trackr card on your dashboard which is located at A Trackr must be active in order to be edited. Click on the Edit Trackr button found on the card and then modify the information as needed. Click the Save button when you are done to save your changes.

Trackr names cannot be modified

To prevent confusion for buyers, the name of the Trackr cannot be edited once the Trackr has been created. If you need to change the name of the Trackr, you will need to create a new Trackr.

Editing your phone number or availability

If you need to update your time zone, or availability see Setting up defaults. These settings are automatically applied to all Trackrs and are changed from a central location.

Refreshing offers