Getting Started

Tracking offers

Once a Trackr has been setup in OfferTrackr and listed for people to find out about it, its time to sit back and relax! OfferTrackr will handle the process of collecting offers and working out pickup times for you. There are two main ways that OfferTrackr has for you to get information on the offers that have been collected.

Text Notifications

OfferTrackr will automatically send text notifications to you whenever a new offer has been accepted. This is the primary way that you will keep informed on what items have sold and when buyers will be coming to pick up the item.

Trackr Dashboard

You can see the current status of all of the items that you have created on your dashboard which is available at You will need to be logged into your account in order to see your Trackrs.

Active vs disabled Trackrs

The dashboard is divided into two sections, Active Trackrs and Inactive Trackrs. The active Trackrs are ones that buyers are able to interact with to get availability information and make offers on. The disabled Trackrs are ones that have either been sold or are no longer being offered for sale. These Trackrs are no longer available for potential buyers to interact with.

Trackr details

Each Trackr appears in the dashboard as a card with relevant information about the item and offers that have been received. You can see how many offers have been made and whether or not any offers have been accepted. You are also able to edit the Trackr (see Editing Trackr details) or disable Trackrs (see Updating offer tracking).

Rejecting an offer

If OfferTrackr has accepted an offer that you do not want to accept, you can reject the offer at any time and for any reason. To reject an offer, find the Trackr on your dashboard to review the offer that has been accepted. Click on the Reject this offer link to then reject the offer.

When an offer is rejected, the buyer will immediately be notified that their offer has been rejected. OfferTrackr will then being taking new offers on your item unless you disable offer tracking on the item. See Updating offer tracking for instructions on how to disable offer tracking.

Listing your item