Getting Started

Meeting the buyer

Once an offer has been accepted, the last step is to meet up with the buyer to receive payment for your item.

Negotiating a pickup time

Pickup times are automatically negotiated for you by OfferTrackr based on the location and availability information that you provided. When an offer is accepted, the buyer will select a particular time based on the times that you are available. You will then be notified immediately with the details.

Prior to the pickup time, the details will be confirmed with the buyer. If they are no longer interested in the item, the offer will be rejected and OfferTrackr will attempt to find another offer to accept. If the buyer needs to reschedule, OffferTrackr will automatically handle the rescheduling of the pickup time and send you details of the change.

On the day of the pickup, OfferTrackr will send you a final reminder.

Pickup location

The buyer will be sent the pickup location that you specified only after they confirm that they are still interested in purchasing the item and agree to the pickup time. This usually happens the night before the scheduled pickup time. Otherwise, the pickup location you provided is never sent to potential buyers.

Receiving payment

OfferTrackr is not involved in handling payments between you and the buyer. OfferTrackr only negotiates the sale price which has been communicated to both you and the buyer prior to the pickup time. How you choose to receive payment for your item is up to you.

Marking the item as sold

After the pickup time, OfferTrackr will send you a text message to confirm that the item has sold. You can respond directly to the text message to mark the item has sold and disable offer tracking for that item. If it has not been sold, you can request that the buyer reschedule the pickup time or have OfferTrackr look for other offers.

You may also mark an item as sold anytime by logging into your OfferTrackr account. See Updating Offer Tracking for more information.

Tracking offers