Getting Started

Setting up a Trackr

You'll create a new OfferTrackr (Trackr for short) for each item that you plan on selling. The Trackr contains the name of the item, price range, and instructions for the buyer. This information is used to automatically negotiate prices and schedule pickup times on your behalf.

Setting up a new Trackr on is done from your dashboard which is available at Clicking on the Create Trackr button in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard will open a wizard that will guide you through the process of setting up your item.

If you do not have any Trackrs remaining, you will automatically be provided with the option to purchase additional Trackrs, see Tracking additional items for more details. Once more Trackrs have been purchased, you will be able to continue the process of setting one up for your item.

Configuring your Trackr

OfferTrackr will walk you through the process of configuring your Trackr in an easy to use wizard. The following information will be gathered during this process.

Item name

Enter a name for your item. The name provided should be the same as the name that you intend to use when you list your item. It must be at least five characters long.


Specify the amount that you would like to receive for your item. Entering $0 will make the item free.

Minimum Price

Choose the minimum amount that you would be willing to sell your item for. It is common for potential buyers to want to negotiate the price. By providing a minimum price, OfferTrackr can negotiate the price automatically for you. If you do not want to accept a reduced price, set the minimum price equal to price specified.


Provide the address and city where you would like to meet the potential buyer. This should be an address that works with common software such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to ensure that the buyer can find it easily.

The address specified is not provided to buyers until the offer and pickup time has been confirmed. This city is provided to potential buyers so that they can estimate travel time when scheduling a pickup.

Finding the right location

Keep in mind that you don't need to meet potential buyers at your home. Other locations such as malls, grocery stores, or police stations may provide a safer place to meet.

Pickup Instructions

Specify any additional instructions that should be provided to the buyer once an offer has been accepted. These instructions could include payment options such as cash or Venmo, or requirements for picking up the item such as the need for a truck.

If there is no additional information that you want to pass along to the buyer, you can leave this question blank.

Time zone

Enter your current time zone. When setting up pick up times with potential buyers, OfferTrackr automatically converts the times you specify as available into the buyer's time zone. This ensures that there is never a mix up on when an item should be picked up.

Note: This question is only asked if there is no time zone specified in your default settings, see Setting up defaults for more information.


Select the days and times when you are available to meet with buyers. Each day is broken up into 6 two hour chunks of time from 8am until 8pm. You should only select blocks of time where you could be available for the entire block of time.

Be flexible with your availability

Try to select times on at least two different days to provide options for potential buyers. You don't want to lose out on selling an item because the buyer couldn't find a time that worked for them.

Confirming your item details

Once the Trackr has been configured, OfferTrackr will present the details provided on a confirmation screen. Double check to make sure that all the information that you provided is correct before continuing. If you need to make changes, you can click on the information that needs to be updated to be taken to that entry screen.

Once all of the information is correct, click the Finish button to create the item and enable offer tracking. Clicking the Finish button will use up one Trackr.

Item names cannot be modified

To prevent confusion for buyers, the name of the item cannot be edited once the Trackr has been created. If you need to change the name of the item after it has been created, you will need to create a new Trackr.

Creating your account