Additional Information

Setting up defaults

To make it easier to set up additional items, OfferTrackr stores some common information in your settings at This information includes a default pickup location, time zone, and current availability.

Your current availability is automatically applied to all of the items that you are tracking offers on. If you update your availability, the new values are immediately used as new offers are submitted.

Phone number

Displays the phone number that you will use to log in to OfferTrackr in the future. If you ever need to update your phone number, please contact support at

Default Pickup Location

Enter the default location where you would like to meet buyers. The address specified is only provided to confirmed buyers the day before the scheduled pickup time. The city/neighborhood information is provided to potential buyers so that they can gauge travel time when scheduling their pickup. This information can be modified when setting up each item.

Finding the right location

Keep in mind that you don't need to meet potential buyers at your home. Other locations such as malls, grocery stores, or outside police stations may provide a safer place to meet.

Time zone

Enter your current time zone. You will automatically be asked for this information when you set up your first item.

When setting up pick up times with potential buyers, OfferTrackr automatically converts the times you specify as available into the buyer's time zone. This ensures that there is never a mix up on when an item should be picked up.


Select the days and times when you are available to meet with buyers. Each day is broken up into 6 two hour chunks of time from 8am until 8pm. You should only select blocks of time where you could be available for the entire block of time.

OfferTrackr will use this information to automatically negotiate a meeting time with buyers. Selecting more times when you are available will provide more flexibility for buyers and may allow you to sell items more quickly.

Be flexible with your availability

Try to select times on at least two different days to provide options for potential buyers. You don't want to lose out on selling an item because the buyer couldn't find a time that worked for them.

Logging out

Click on the Logout button to log out of your account. You will need to log back in if you wish to access your account in the future.

Updating your account