How to Sell Used Musical Instruments On Craigslist

Jill Vonier

Jill Vonier

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An unused musical instrument at your home could become an exciting addition to the home of a budding musician. Here's our guide on how to sell instruments locally.

Musical instruments in a room

As the famous author, Hans Christian Andersen, once said, "Where words fail, music speaks." He must have been talking to someone who just saw the price tag of a new drumset.

Whether you're an aspiring Jimi Hendrix saving up for a Fender Stratocaster or your 6th grader wants to try his hand at the trumpet, you know musical instruments can be very costly. In fact, most parents of middle school band members are on a payment plan to afford their child's recent resolution to be the next Miles Davis.

Instead of blowing all their cash at Guitar Center, many music lovers turn to Craigslist to sell instruments online to get a great deal or make some extra cash to put towards the next one. Whether you're a parent looking to sell your child's band instrument or you're ready to upgrade to the newer model, Craigslist is a valuable platform to make it happen.

Why Sell On Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer buying and selling. It has a large user base and can quickly connect you with interested buyers. Plus with zero listing or selling fees, it's completely free to use.

However, before you list your item, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure you are able to sell your musical instruments and gear quickly and at a good price. Here we provide a step-by-step guide for selling musical instruments on Craigslist to help you successfully sell your musical instruments and earn some extra cash.

Decide To Sell Your Instrument

Before you jump to selling your instrument, make sure you're actually ready to sell it. Musical instruments can be expensive so you want to make sure you won't need it again before you get rid of them.

Ask yourself, "Do I still enjoy playing this instrument?" and "Does it have value beyond just money to me?"

If the answer is "no" and you believe you will benefit more from the profit of the instrument than the instrument itself, it's a good idea to sell. When making your decision, consider factors like the condition of the instrument, its popularity, and it potential value.

Find Its Worth

Once you've decided on which instruments to sell, do a little research to find their value to see what kind of money you can get for them. Look at similar instruments on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace to see what they're currently selling for, or check with local music stores to see what they think.

You will also want to consider its age, condition, rarity, popularity, and who is likely to play it to see if it will sell well.

Make Sure It Works

Before selling your instrument, make sure it's in good working condition. Put it together, plug it up to an amp if needed, and play it a bit to make sure everything works fine and there are no issues.

Typically instruments need a tune-up or a good oil. If it's been a while since you've had it inspected, it might be worth seeking a professional to clean your instrument, tighten any loose screws, and fix any small issues.

Take High-Quality Photos & Videos

To show how good of a shape your musical instrument is in, be sure to include high-quality photos in your listing.

Take photos of your instrument from different angles, include any extra accessories like straps, cords, and drumsticks, and be sure to show any flaws or damaged areas. Since so much hinges on the working condition of the instrument, it can be a good idea to include videos that show the instrument actually working.

Write a Compelling Ad For Your Instruments

Your ad is key when it comes to selling a musical instrument. The headline is how potential buyers will find your team in the search bar and the first thing. Be sure to write a clear, catchy title that has major keywords that will attract the buyer.

Your description provides all the details a buyer will need in order to make an informed decision. The more details, the fewer questions the buyer needs to ask which will speed up the selling process. Include the brand, condition, materials its made out of,

Don't forget to include high-quality photos and videos of the instrument you took earlier.

If you need additional help creating your listing, see our step-by-step instructions in Step-By-Step Instructions to Creating Your First Craigslist Listing.

Set a Fair & Reasonable Price

The final piece to ad listing is to set a fair and reasonable price to persuade buyers to purchase your instrument. If you set your price too high, buyers may not even inquire about your instrument. If you set your price too low, you may not make much money as you could.

You can use the research you did earlier when recognizing its worth and set a price within that range. Consider the type of instrument you're selling, the gear you're including with it, its age and condition, and other factors that could impact the price.

You will also want to be open to negotiations so be sure to leave some room

Communicate & Meet with Potential Buyers

You will want to respond to potential buyers' inquiries in a timely and professional manner, answering questions quickly and providing the extra details they're looking for. This will help streamline the shopping process and show your buyer that you're knowledgeable and here to help them.

It is likely your interested buyer will want to meet to try out the instrument before committing to a purchase. It's important to stay safe so when possible, meet in public locations like a parking lot or a coffee shop, and bring someone along for added comfort.

Negotiating & Completing the sale

Negotiating and completing the sale involves reaching a mutually acceptable price, providing the buyer with important documents, and completing a payment transaction.

If you are not comfortable negotiating prices with potential buyers, consider using a service like OfferTrackr. OfferTrackr can automatically track the availability of your items, negotiate prices, schedule pickups, and send out reminders on your behalf. See our blog post Using OfferTrackr to Make Selling Items Locally So Much Easier for more details.

Once you've reached an agreement with a buyer, it's important to collect payment and provide a receipt.

Instead of accepting a check or money order, request to receive either cash or secure payment through Venmo or Paypal. By using a third-party payment processor, you can instantly ensure the payment goes through, have a paper trail, and can dispute any transactions you don't agree with.

We all know musical instruments and gear can be expensive so people will look to online marketplaces like Craigslist to find a great deal. If you're looking to sell your music equipment or sell your music gear, Craiglist is a great option to make some extra cash. With no listing fees or selling fees, you can make a top profit.

You will first want to decide which instrument to sell and what it's worth, create a compelling listing ad with high-quality photos and videos, respond and meet with interested buyers to test out the instrument, and finalize the sale through a safe and secure payment option.

By following these steps, you can sell your musical instrument at a great price in no time.


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