Remove the annoying parts of local selling

OfferTrackr is a text messaging assistant that talks to buyers for you. We negotiate offers and schedule pickups. Works with Craigslist, social media and others.

Add a Trackr to an item you're selling to...

Answer Questions

Our Trackr will tell buyers whether or not your item is still available, instantly.

Negotiate Prices

We’ll politely weed out bad offers and negotiate with potential buyers to get the best price for you.

Schedule Pickups

Our Trackr works with buyers to schedule a time that works for everyone.

Protect Privacy

Your phone number and email are never shown. Only confirmed buyers get the pickup address.

How It Works

Create a Trackr

1. Create a Trackr

It takes just a few clicks to setup a new OfferTrackr (we call it a Trackr for short). Tell us the price of the item and when you are available for pickups.

List your item

2. List your item

Copy and paste our simple instructions into the description of your listing. This lets buyers know to text your Trackr. Your Trackr will manage your sale.

Meet buyers for pickup

3. Meet buyers for pickup

Once an offer is accepted, meet the buyers at the scheduled time and collect the already negotiated payment.

App screenshot

Test Drive Our Example

Text 100 to 503-496-7878 to see what your buyers will experience. This is a test item only, offers are not recorded.


Your first two Trackrs are free, then priced per Trackr.No monthly subscription fees.

One at a time

Single Trackr

Find a new home for one of your items


Save 20%

Five Pack

Tackle that closet you never go into


Save 40%

Ten Pack

Clean out your entire basement or garage!


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is a Trackr?

How do people find the items that I've created Trackrs for?

Is there a trial period available?

Does it cost more to track offers on more expensive items?

What happens if I don't get any offers?

Do I have to create all of my Trackrs today?

How do I get a refund for unused Trackrs?

Instant access. Two free Trackrs.

No credit card required.